Vincent Liedecker
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Residence Mayfield, Virginia
Family Information
Parents John T Liedecker
Professional Information
Profession Philanthropist and Crime Lord
First Appearance Descendants 1 - Life Savers, Inc
Last Appearance Descendants 47 - Everyday People

Vincent Liedecker is a noted philanthropist and business man within Mayfield. He is also using the pseudonym Eduardo Vorran a powerful crime lord and arms dealer both within and outside Mayfield.

In Descendants #1, he provides Calvin Singer with a suit of powered armor and asks him to kill Life Savers, Inc. In Descendants #3, He asks Brother Wright to discredit the prelates only for this to backfire and provide them with greater publicity.

After the theft of Potrait of Morganna le Fay and subsequent perceived betrayal of "Tatianna Farnsworth" Liedecker put a bounty on her head.

In Descendants #21 and #22, he fights the demon Colos, eventually defeating him and Colos offers him a reward. In the aftermath of Descendants #22, he confiscated the magical items of Morganna as well as The Book of Madness and used the knowledge gained to have magi-tech weapons created.

After being pitched to by Alexis Keyes and Laurel Brant, he opened the Liedecker Institute, in Descendants #33.