Trent Kinsey
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Costumed Activities
Alias Wolf
Abilities Metamorph Wolf form
Affiliation The Redeemers, Enforcer Corps
Family Information
Professional Information
Profession Unknown
Workplace Unknown
First Appearance Descendants 8 - Objectivity
Last Appearance Descendants 50 - Operation: All In

Trent Kinsey is a descendant and former Enforcer. In his first appearance he was a recently promoted rank one Enforcer, an action which occurred at the behest of Brother Wright and troubled Prometheus.

He was a member of The Redeemers, he chased after Zero, whose parents he recognised and was captured by ROCIC when one of Zero's ice daggers fried his control collar. He was sent to Braddock Island.

During Project Tome's breach of Braddock Island he was freed and his whereabouts and affiliation are still unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Trent is a metamorph, able to transform into a wolf like creature. His metamorph form also has strong wolf instincts and he is unable to control the change without a special control collar issued by the Enforcer Corps.