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The New Dehli Incident is a spree-killing incident that occurred from the fifth to the seventh of June in 2047 directly led to the existence of the Enforcer Corps.


At the time, the global public was only vaguely aware of psionics. The only things they heard were blurbs about strange news relegated to the D section of national newspapers; A girl who could climb vertical inclines without aide in Luxemburg, a man whose nails were hard enough to cut glass in Greece, a college student who knew languages simply by hearing them spoken in Egypt. They were written off as freaks even as dozens of them hid their powers out of confusion or paranoia every day.

New DehliEdit

On June 5th, 2047, a young man in India by the name of Arjun Ravi decided that he wouldn’t be ignored. Over the course of seventy two hours, he used the telekinetic gift he had been born with to kill over seven hundred people in broad daylight. He was only stopped when he grew too weary from lack of sleep to deflect the bullets police fired at him.


Ravi died, but the damage had been done. The world had watched the bulk of his monstrous rampage on live television; and they were afraid. Revelation of his psionic powers brought attention to those who had long been written off as freaks of nature. Now, every one of them was a potential living weapon. Public hysteria threatened to turn violent and every government in the world was forced to deal with the ‘psionic problem’ in their own way.


In the United States, psionics were deemed to be too value a resource to allow hatred and violence to destroy. The Enforcer Corps was created to police psionics who threatened the public with their powers and programs were put in place to encourage the citizenry to see psionics as productive and valuable members of society.

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