The Dungeon
Significance Hang out for Cyn, Warrick, Juniper, Kay, Lisa and JC Slate
Location Mayfield, Virginia

The Dungeon is a cafe in Mayfield. It is a cyber-cafe with a medieval theme, the effect is a study in mixed genres, with computers arranged on stout tables of simulated oak, illuminated by faux torchlight. Combined with reasonable prices and live music on the weekends, these features made the Dungeon a popular hangout for the high school crowd. The Dungeon has been the name of the business at its location since it became a business. It was an arcade, antique store and night club in the past.

It is a regular hangout for Cyn, Warrick, Juniper, Kay, Lisa and JC and others. The Dungeon hosted Kay's band Snackrifice's first performance.