The Descendants is the main series in the Descendants Universe. It follows the core team based in Mayfield, Virginia, starting with their arrival in the city.

As the core of the DU, events in the main series are reflected in other stories and the same is true in reverse.

Publication HistoryEdit

The Descendants kicked off with Descendants #0 - From There To Here in late December of 2007.

According to the author, it was a reworking of an early story entitled Elementals, which was inspired by his dislike of Marvel Comics' Civil War event.

Initially, the series was hosted on a subdomain of the author's defunct webcomic, Ledgermain Comics, before moving to a domain and website of its own, first hand-coded by the author, then a Wordpress site (under a subdomain of the author's publishing label's site in August 2012.

The first eBook of the series was collected and published as part of a Free Comic Book Day give away available on Amazon in May 2011. Paper copies of Descendants #0 were also distributed at Little Fish Comics in Fredricksburg, VA on the same day.

The first paperback was produced in January 2014.


The Descendants is divided into Volumes, typically collecting 12 regular issues, a Special and an Annual issue. Those Volumes are as follows: