Scott Lancaster
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Costumed Activities
Alias Legion of One
Abilities Teleportation
Affiliation Aces High
Hip Sing Tong (Former)
Family Information
Professional Information
Profession Mercenary
First Appearance Descendants 14 - Standing With Titans
Last Appearance Descendants 76 - Silicon Soul, Adamantine Will

Scott Lancaster is a Greek descendant.

At somepoint between discovering his ability and his first appearance in the Descendants Universe, Scott developed his power into a martial art. He wields a sword and calls himself Legion of One, for his ability to fight like a legion alone.

He first appeared as an associate of the Hip Sing Tong under Tai Yang Zhang, hired to deal with The Whitecoat. After the failure of his attempt, he parted ways with the Tong.

He was next seen either auditioning for, or a new member of Aces High in The Irrepressible Spark, where he again fought the Whitecoat, this time escaping with Shine.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Scott has the ability to teleport. He has difficulty maintaining his momentum after teleporting. When bound to a physical object he must either take it with him or remain in place, depending on the size of the object.

He has recently begun experimenting with and been somewhat successful at teleporting people with him.

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