Psionic Training and Application Academy
Goal Training and study of psionics for the purposes of use in Project Tome.
Leader (Last Known) Unknown
Headquarters (Last Known) Langely, Virginia
Controlled By Project Tome
Controls Enforcer Corps (disbanded)
First Appearance Unknown Last Appearance Unknown

The Psionic Training and Application Academy was a system of schools funded by the US government and geared toward teaching young psionics to use their powers for constructive ends. It was based in Langley, Virginia.

It is also quickly revealed to be a front operation for Project Tome. Its purpose was to evaluate students for either the Enforcer Corps or further study. The latter were kidnapped and put into stasis.

Exposing the Academy is the original goal of The Descendants before they learn of the greater conspiracy in play. At the end of Volume 1, the Academy is shut down by order of the President.


The main Academy campus was at Langley, VA, but there have been established offshoots including Quinn Bluffs, Florida, Jacksonville, Chicago, Los Angeles and Fort Worth.


Many characters past and present including some of the Liedecker Institute student body were former students at the Academy. These include: