Mirror Portals are magical devices created by Occult that act as a teleportation system linked between two mirrors.

Each portal consists of a receiving mirror, which is enchanted and linked to one or more key artifacts (usually D-icons in the case of The Descendants). Using the key artifact turns a mundane mirror into a doorway whose exit point is the receiving mirror.

While the doorway is in operation, looking into one effected mirror shows the vantage point as if looking out from the other.

Passage through a mirror portal is one-way. In order to get back to their point of origin, a character must either travel by other means or have another receiving mirror at the point of origin.

Known Mirror PortalsEdit

  • Freeland House Portal - The first portal created in the series by Occult. Currently located in the boathouse at Freeland House.
  • Cambridge Portal -  The second portal created by Occult. Sent to Christina Carlyle and currently housed in her dorm room and Cambridge, England.
  • Life Savers, Inc HQ Portal - Located in a secure room at the Life Savers, Inc Headquarters.

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