Marcus Dumoulin
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Age (Last Appearance) 40
Costumed Activities
Alias War-torn
Abilities Durability, Accelerated Healing, some increased Strength
Affiliation The Redeemers
Enforcer Corps
Family Information
Professional Information
Profession Unknown
Workplace Unknown
First Appearance Descendants 11 - We Will Be Villains
Last Appearance Descendants 50 - Operation: All In

Marcus Dumoulin is a descendant and former Enforcer.

Marcus has a highly militaristic outlook on life, feeling that commanding officers demand respect. He was provided a set of power armor to increase his strength by the Enforcer Corps.

Marcus was a part of Brother Wright's The Redeemers and was captured by the Rogue Operations Counter Intelligence Command at the end of Here and Now, and sent to Braddock Island.

He was freed by Project Tome when they breached the prison in Descendants #50, agreeing to work with them. His whereabouts since then are unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Marcus has exception durability and accelerated healing. His strength is also increased, but not to the degree of his durability.