Latonya Hayes
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Residence Unknown
Costumed Activities
Alias Latonya Wilkins\Shine
Abilities Protomorph
Affiliation Aces High
The Redeemers
Enforcer Corps
Family Information
Professional Information
First Appearance Descendants 11 - We Will Be Villains
Last Appearance Descendants 76 - Silicon Soul, Adamantine Will

Latonya Hayes is also known as Latonya Wilkins and Shine. She is a descendant and a protomorph.

Shine, was promoted to rank one enforcer at Brother Wright's behest. As a member of The Redeemers she fought Facsimile to a stand-still, unable to beat her but too strong to lose. The hits that Facsimile gave her earned Shine's hatred and she will go out of her way to fight her. She escaped with Brother Wright after getting a sample of Facsimile's DNA.

Next Shine instructed Thunderhead in his task of pretending to be Eduardo Vorran in All Girls Want Bad Boys and she rescued him. Shine also oversaw tryouts for Aces High in The Irrepressible Spark. At this time she began going by the name Latonya Wilkins.

Shine participated in Aces High's attack on the Quintillion Information Services Building in George again bee-lining for Facsimile.

During Aces High's attempt to steal Adamantine Shine stayed out of the fight, but did attempt to rescue robotics engineer's that Wright implicated.

She is Brother Wright's closest confidant. Not that, that says much.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shine is a protomporph. She is covered in fine, white scales. Her toes and fingers end in claws and all the joints in her hands are double jointed. She has a whip like tail. Shine's eyes are incredibly sensitve to UV light, to the point where she needs a special pair of goggles to see. Sunlight give Shine faster reflexes and reaction times.

When Shine uses Potentia she is able to shapeshift into a more human form and accelerate her healing.