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Willow Chamberlain
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Costumed Activities
Alias Zero
Abilities Cryokinesis, Psychokinesis, Energy Absorption
Affiliation The Descendants
Family Information
Parents Pete Chamberlain, Emily Chamberlain
Professional Information
Profession Student
Workplace Dayspring College
First Appearance Descendants 4 - Juniper
Last Appearance Descendants 79 - Tome of Secrets

Juniper Taylor, also known as Willow Chamberlain is a former Academy student. She was imprisoned by them and freed by Alexis Keyes and Ian Smythe in Descendants #4, Project Tome was transporting her stasis cell when the containment failed. She was in stasis for eight months.

Juniper also debuted as a prelate in Descendants #4. Revealing the cyrokinetic part of her abilities she aided Alloy and Facsimile against Cinder.

Juniper refused to give Alexis, Ian or Laurel details on her parents and they invited her to stay at Freeland House until it was safer.

Juniper is a cheerful person and has many survivalist skills, including first aid which has been very useful to her team. She is also one of the first second-generation prelates, as her parents are amongst the first prelates.

Willow ChamberlainEdit

Raised by her survivalist parents in Arizona, after a fight over going to the Academy she used these skills to create a new identity, Juniper Taylor and enroll. After being rescued by Alexis and Ian she felt too embarrassed to return to her parents, but took the prelate name Zero as an homage to her father and their abilities.

She began using her full abilities after the reveal of her identity in Descendants #46. She still goes by Juniper with her friends and on official documents, due to the quality of the identity making regaining her identity as Willow too difficult.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Juniper has a very similar set of psychokinetic abilites to her father Pete Chamberlain. She is able to absorb energy from her surroundings creating very powerful and controlled cyrokinetic effects and has the ability to view thermal energy in a kind of thermal vision. Her psychokinetic abilities allow her to fly as well as other telekinetic uses.

If Juniper absorbs too much power it can hurt her and she needs to expend it. If she uses her psychokinetic abilities she can run out of power but is capable of absorbing it by using her cyrokinetic powers making her a formiddable opponent.