Edward Tyler
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Costumed Activities
Alias Prometheus
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Affiliation Rogue Operations Counter Intelligence Command
Enforcer Corps (Defunct)
Family Information
Parents Jonathan Tyler (Father)
Professional Information
Workplace Rogue Operations Counter Intelligence Command
First Appearance Descendants 8 - Objectivity
Last Appearance Descendants Annual 2

Jonathan Edward Tyler, who prefers Edward is a descendant and former Enforcer. He used the codename Prometheus while working as an Enforcer and still does. He was among the first enforcers in the wake of The New Dehli Incident.

Promethus followed Alexis Keyes to Ian Smythe's home and attacked, burning it down. Believing that Keyes, Smythe and Brant were rogue psionics he continuing tracking them and attacked again once they'd freed some teens from Stasis Cells, this time injuring Ian.

In Objectivity, Edward discovered that Trent Kinsey had been promoted to a rank one enforcer, this as well as his old friend Patricia Masters made him realise that something was wrong in the Enforcer Corps.

During Siege, he took the Enforcer director's hard drive to Laurel at Freeland House and helped The Descendants to fight the Redeemers as Prometheus.

Tyler was committed to working as an Enforcer, believing they served a need in the country and was disappointed to discover that they were under Project Tome's control.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Edward has pyrokinetic abilities, and is able to create and control fire. A former detective he is a skilled fighter even without his powers.

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