Freeland House
Significance Home of The Descendants after the Academy Raid.
Location Mayfield, Virginia
Inhabitants Laurel Brant
Alexis Keyes
Ian Smythe
Cynthia McAllister
Melissa Forrester

Freeland House is a former B&B and the current home to some of the Descendants. In May 2073, Laurel Brant the owner's daughter brought her friends, Alexis Keyes and Ian Smythe along with Melissa Forrester, Warrick Kaine, Cynthia McAllister and Kareem Utt, teenagers they had rescued from stasis.

Prior to becoming rundown it had been an active B&B with many honeymooning couples staying there. This means that Freeland House is a place with a very define astral nature. Until the end of Volume 5 of The Descendants series, every Descendants member except for Occult lived there.

Publicly it is known as the home of Alexis Keyes and Laurel Brant, public faces of both Descendant's Rights Worldwide and Liedecker Institute.