Ethan Braylocke
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Costumed Activities
Alias Groundswell, Burrower
Abilities Stone Manipulation
Family Information
Wife Neena Betterman
Professional Information
First Appearance Descendants 46 - The Juniper Chronicles
Last Appearance Descendants 46 - The Juniper Chronicles

Ethan Braylocke is a descendant. He is the namesake for the so-called "Braylocke Laws".

Ethan grew up in Paradise Valley, Arizona where he went to school with Neena Taggart. He went to prom with her.

Some time later he became a criminal in Phoenix, where he earned the name "The Burrower" for his tactic of using the ground to swallow armored cars before he was apprehended by Zero Point and Majestrix.

After his arrest he was placed in a concrete cell, from which he escaped within a day.

Ethan married Neena under the alias Nathan Betterman a year after escaping custody in Phoenix.

He laid low for five years, working for the Forestry Service until the events of Descendants #46, when he held the town of Greenview Ridge hostage. His ransom demand was Zero Point and Majestrix, he claimed to want a rematch. He was captured by Zero while attempting to flee after it was revealed The Descendants had discovered his connection to Neena.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He has the ability to manipulate the earth, he can use this ability to cause earthquakes. His powers are linked to sight, when blinded by a flash-bang he lost the ability to use his powers.