Enforcer Corps
Goal Containing Rogue Psionics
Leader (Last Known) Samuel Paige
Headquarters (Last Known) Langely, Virginia
Controlled By Psionic Training and Application Academy
First Appearance Descendants 8 - Objectivity Last Appearance Descendants 12 - Here and Now

The Enforcer Corps were an organization that dealt with rogue psionics. A subsidiary of the Psionic Training and Application Academy, they were under the command of Project Tome and disbanded at the same time as The Academy.

Initially created in response to The New Dehli Incident, the Enforcer Corps was partially responsible for containment of psionics who used their abilities to break the law. They were also used to capture psionics that Project Tome wanted to study.

The Enforcer headquarters, based in Virgina was designated, Deep Ten.

Former EmployeesEdit