Some Day In May
Volume 4, Issue 12
Online Copy Descendants Special 4 - Some Day In May
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Descendants 46 - The Juniper Chronicles
Descendants 47 - Everyday People

Some Day In May is Special 4 in The Descendants, and the twelfth issue in Volume 4, Confluence.

Summary Edit

Early February

Warrick shows Tink around Mayfield, and gives her a ring to celebrate Valentine's Day early, as he will be helping to rebuild Greenview Ridge as Alloy that weekend.

Late February

Juniper sees an advertisement for Descendants Appreciation Day and is reminded of how she feels caught between her identities. She goes to Devil's Own Chilli, and meets Malcolm Bookman.

Early March

With Codex and Alloy on dates, Facsimile is moping while on patrol. While she does so, the Sneak Thief uses her as a launching pad. The Sneak Thief uses a stink paper to get a head start and evades her again.

Early April

Laurel, Alexis and Ian discuss the risk of Descendants Appreciation Day causing an anti-descendant/hate group backlash. Since Douglas Stiles' hate mongering the year before and Groundswell's attack on Greenview Ridge, they've gained a foothold.

Mid April

Kareem confronts Melissa, over her using her powers to affect her own mood, and cuts of her ability to do so for an hour. He tells her he can help her get through this.

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