Descendants Special 1 - Witches, Goblins and Superheroes
Volume 1, Issue 12
Online Copy Descendants Special 1 - Witches, Goblins and Superheroes
Issue Guide
Descendants 10 - All Saints And Spirits
Descendants 11 - We Will Be Villains

Witches, Goblins ans Superheroes is Descendants Special 1 in the The Descendants (Main Series), and issue twelve in volume 1, Welcome to Freeland House.


Warrick, and JC discuss their costumes, Warrick is Errol Flynn and JC is a ninja. Kay mentions that JC has been a ninja every year since eigth grade. She asks where Juniper is as she gave Adel a lift and wants to matchmake them. Both JC and Warrick wonder why Juniper would like Adel as he seems mopey and bland.

Rich von Stoker arrives and says he doesn't hate Warrick like Elizabeth and wishes him a happy birthday. He is the third person to tell Warrick that his parents had their honeymoon at Freeland House.

Juniper and Lisa discuss Juniper's first time singing in public with Snackrifice the next day. Lisa reassures her before Kay comes over with Adel. Kay then drags Lisa away and leaves Juniper and Adel alone.

Melissa is upstairs reading Don Quixote for homework, Kareem talks to her and tells her he thinks she wants to be at the party even if she feels uncomfortable, because she hasn't taken her costume off yet.

Cyn gives Warrick a 'birthday pounce' and mentions that Rich told him Elizabeth is going to participate in Become More at ConquesTech. He feels guilty for making Elizabeth feel bad about herself.

Alexis, Ian and Laurel are handing out candy to trick or treaters. Alexis refuses to let Ian go into the party even just for cake. Laurel hands out candy and comes back with a photo of a trick or treater dressed up as Alloy, complete with pipe cleaner tentacles.

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