Descendants Giant Sized 1
Volume 4, Issue 2
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Descendants Giant Sized 1 is the first Giant Sized issue of The Descendants, and the second issue of Volume 4, Confluence.


Warrick Kaine uses his powers to turn rusty metal in iron and steel to make into custom armor. He and Kareem Utt discuss the morality of their secret identities and using their powers but do not feel an easier after.

Kay, Lisa and Cynthia McAllister discuss Snackrifice and a classmate's choice to try and change her identity, before they are interupted by Ollie Butler who is interested in Cyn, and they play basebell.

Ian and Laurel discuss hobbies, with Ian deciding to take up cooking. Laurel says she has a phone meeting with Mr. Voice, who only knows her as "Brainchild" later.

After a training Alexis, Juniper and Melissa Forrester go out to dinner. Juniper expels a build up of pyschokinetic energy in secret.

Simon Talbot takes Brandy Dilinger along to his meeting with Maleficient in Deep Nine. A psionic, Joel Kowalski is undergoing gene therapy to try and increase his power.