Descendants Annual 4
Volume 4, Issue 15
Online Copy Descendants Annual 4
Issue Guide
Descendants 48 - Inexorable
Descendants 49 - George

Descendants Annual 4 is the fourth annual issue of The Descendants, and the fifteenth issue of Volume 4, Confluence.

Summary Edit

In the aftermath of Descendants #48, Occult tells the rest of The Descendants that it was Morganna who took Inexorable. She also reveals to them that she is Lisa Ortega.

Simon Talbot gets a visit from Morgan Flint who tells him that the board have approved Operation: All In.

A make-up event for Descendants Appreciation Day is help three days later, with the city awarding the Mayfield Irregulars medals. Marv Will and Fred Booth of Sanctum Comics present Descendants Rights Worldwide with a check.

Jay Willis wakes up no longer as strong. His powers only work in service of Morganna, and she will use him again.

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