Descendants Annual 2
Volume 2, Issue 15
Online Copy Descendants Annual 2
Issue Guide
Descendants 24 - Love Like Mad
Descendants 25 - Summer Session

Descendants Annual 2 is the second annual issues of The Descendants, and the fifteenth and final issue of volume 2, Magic and Machines.


Kay and Lisa take a break from researching.

JC, Cyn, Warrick and Tink debate who would win in a fight. Kay and Lisa, and later Juniper join them.

Vincent Liedecker punishes Samael for his insubordination by taking away his wings and putting him on a figurative choke chain.

Vorpal talks to Mr. Voice again and plans a trip to France to help him deal with Annette St. John.

Laurel Brant discovers that Project Tome has recovered from the blow dealt them and is back in the picture.

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