Descendants Annual 1
Volume 1, Issue 15
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Descendants Annual 1 is the first annual issue of The Descendants (Main Series), and the fifteenth and final issue of volume 1, Welcome to Freeland House.


In the aftermath of The Redeemers' attack on Mayfield, Virginia the Enforcer Corps and even the Academy are under fire in the media with most of the deeds being public knowledge now.

Jonathan Edward Tyler and Patricia Masters will appear before congress in a week to confirm the rumours. Laurel realises that Project Tome no for sure where they are now. She plans to try and tell the teens' parents what happened but has no idea how with out risking their lives. Laurel calls her father who tells her that he hasn't been able to discover who is funding Tome.

Ian applies bruise cream to Alexis's wounds, the ballistic cloth preventing broken bones and serious bruises. Alexis asks if they should check out the highlights on TV. Ian wonders if the camera's caught their "Ebony Wind" technique, Alexis doesn't think a name is necessary. A woman rants about how she had to pull her son "Finny" out of the Academy because it isn't safe. Alexis and Ian kiss.

Warrick and Juniper order a pizza while Cyn wonders why they're eating pizzas while she's full. Melissa tells her she ate everything and Juniper realises she did. Warrick says melting the orihalcon and summoning Isp and Osp took a lot out of him. Melissa says she never wants to be Hope again. They discuss whether they still have secret identities and whether Alexis' training helps.

Laurel says the President pulled the plug on the Enforcers and that it will take Tome some time before they can attack again. Laurel says General Pratt offered them plans for an automated defence system and she is thinking of accepting.

Simon Talbot is furious, two students he was planning to be B24 subjects were removed from the Academy by their parents. Between Jacksonville, Chicago, Los Angeles and Fort Worth they've lost over forty students today. Thomas Cross asks if Brother Wright has reported in, because his plan was a huge failure. Brandy Dillinger says it was because they weren't very good enforcers and only Shine had any chance of remaining on active duty at the end of the year. Cross says she is the only one who escaped. The three realise Wright played them and Talbot orders them to find what he wanted from them.

Shine meets up with Brother Wright, she has a sample of Cynthia McAllister's tissue. Wright reveals that he has convinced many of Tome's lab technicians to defect to him.

Liedecker has an unusual sword that was made from a mysterious metal that Maven synthesised based on a sample metal and glowing runes down its side.

Talia "Tammy" Kaine is at home and watching TV when she sees Alloy on screen and calls for her mother.