Everyday People
Volume 4, Issue 13
Online Copy Descendants 47 - Everyday People
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Descendants Special 4 - Some Day In May
Descendants 48 - Inexorable

Everyday People is issue 47 in The Descendants, and the thirteenth issue in Volume 4, Confluence. It is the first issue in the Comic Book Heroes arc.

Summary Edit

While out at lunch, Lily Goldenmeyer tells her friends that she has decided they should all go to Emerald College and that while she's still not a fan of The Descendants, she's not opposed to descendants. Callie shows them her ability.

Morganna is reminded of her goals again, by Manikin. She is attemppting to regrow her original body from the bones left behind. She has cast spells that will grant a person use of Saint Drausinus' blessing without the full armor, or the requirement of a pure heart. Morganna sends Manikin to fetch her Knight Inexorable.

Vorpal confronts Vincent Liedecker in his home about the anti-descendant protests planned for the following day. He tells her to stay calm and not to fight these people, he will do his best as a philanthropist.

Frederick Carlson, a protomorph tells his daughter that Descendants Appreciation Day is for people like him, not him specifically and she asks when she gets to be like him, which makes him realize that she might one day be a descendant.

Sonja Remington, a prominent model and descendant arrives in Mayfield, planner to appear at the event as a pat of her manager's desire to make descendants safer world-wide and give Sonja world-wide celebrity.

Kay and Lisa discuss the incredible amount of The Descendants crafts for sale in The Dungeon including, plushies and keychains. Kay tells Lisa she is keeping her ability secret in order to prevent her career in music from being stalled. they plan their setlist for Snackrifice the next day.

In prison Jacob Willis, former leader of Los Lobos de la Noche is visited by a mysterious glow, Manikin who offers him a chance to get revenge against half of whom he blames for his imprisonment, The Descendants. He accepts and is given the accouterments of the Knight Inexorable: bracers, and a coin which becomes fused to his forehead. Imbued with power, he escapes prison, trashing it on the way.

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