The Gremlin and The Game
Volume 4, Issue 10
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The Gremlin and The Game is issue 45 in The Descendants, and the tenth issue in Volume 4, Confluence.

Summary Edit

A creature falls into our world through a temporary Astral breach.

Warrick, Tink and JC are at the MDEE at the Mayfield Convention and Trade Center.

Chaos, Codex, Facsimile and Ephemeral are investigating the neighborhood where the Astral breach occurred, searching for signs of the creature that entered our world, when they come across Occult who is trying to reason with a resident of the area. The home owner refuses to listen and is accosted by a small pirate.

Another creature is in the vicinity of the MDEE, and in raptures thanks to all the machinery around. Occult and Codex realise that the pirate is the result of a Gremlin, with the ability to bring things to life. Back at the MDEE, Warrick, Tink and JC start their immersive gaming demonstration.

The gremlin gets flustered within the crowd at the Convention Center and runs into the DeathGate Immersive Gaming Machine.

Warrick, Tink, JC, Ron and Jaime are playing DeathGate, they defeat one enemy, when all of a sudden the experience becomes much realer. Tink, scratches herself on a bush and bleeds and the interface disappears.

Codex, Occult and the others track the Gremlin to the Expo. A freak lightshow went off and after some people had to be taken to the medical room in the initial panic, everyone is having fun, with people trying to get into, not flee the Expo. When they reach the immersion pods they're told that the people inside can't be reached and Codex and Occult realize that the players are really in the game.

Inside the game the Gremlin is crying, and attracts a high-level monster. The players eventually decide to cast a sleep spell on the Gremlin. Asleep, the gremlin's effect fades and they all log out. Occult sends the Gremlin back to Faerie.

Outside Codex is approached by a PR representative for Sanctum Comics. Between The city of Mayfield and Sanctum, They're planning a Descendants Appreciation Day for the first Wednesday in May.