Volume 4, Issue 5
Online Copy Descendants 41 - Machinations
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Descendants 40 - Interfacers
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Machinations is issue 41 in the The Descendants, and the fifth issue of Volume 4, Confluence. It is the second issue in the War Machines.


Juniper wakes up Laurel. CornerCut, aka Clara Getchall isn't answering any IMs, and Juniper is worried about her. On the way to Clara's place, Codex stops them and they pull up at Westinghall Plaza, there's a giant holographic D symbol in the sky, coming from Vincent Liedecker's office. Laurel calls in the rest of The Descendants.

Liedecker tells Codex and Zero, that he is being blackmailed by an arms dealer (Eduardo Vorran) and the Interfacers are trying to force him to buy back weapons that aren't really his. Samael, appears outside Liedecker's window saying "the boss" won't let him talk, convincing the prelates that

Chaos and Darkness arrive at Clara's apartment with Facsimile, Ephemeral, Alloy and Hope.

Vorpal is about to leave Clara's apartment when Alloy arrives. He talks with her and she slams his visor shut with her power. Facsimile intervenes, and Vorpal leaves, telling Alloy she knows who he is, calling him Brooklyn.

Zero escorts Liedecker out of his office, using her powers to block Samael's blades. Zero freaks out and attacks Samael, when she thinks there is no way to find Clara. Codex calms her down and tells her that Chaos has got Clara.

In the Interfacers warehouse, Trey Phan has used the stolen PSM gun to create some kind of device, when a package from Belle Cummings arrives. The package is a video and most of the Interfacers watch it. In the video, Belle pleads with them to give up this fight rather than be hurt so they can continue working for Interfacers.

The Descendants arrive at the warehouse and most of The Interfacers surrender, concerned about the repercussions of an arrest. The Descendants tell them that this was an intervention and that if they find them again they will apprehend them. Trey Phan, however is gone.

Juniper and Warrick, run lines for Henry V again.

Trey breaks into Key Biological, a prosthetic limb company, planing to use it to become more than human.

Manikin takes an item from a Welsh forest.

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