Descendants: 2095
Volume 4, Issue 4
Online Copy Descendants 39 - Descendants 2095
Issue Guide
Descendants 38 - The Miracles of St Drausinus
Descendants 40 - Interfacers

Descendants 2095 is issue 39 in The Descendants, and the fourth issue in Volume 4, Confluence.


This issue takes place concurrently with Descendants #38.

At Freeland House, with the teens hosting their Halloween/Warrick's Birthday, JC has paid for a psychic, Madam Myss-tery, to read Warrick's future. Madam Myss-tery shows it to him, putting him to sleep in the current timeline.

In the Alternate Future of 2095:

Warrick is woken up by his young teenage daughter, Abigail. Warrick's wife, Meghan is a scientist, with an artificial left arm. Warrick must take Abby and Dominic and Corbin (his twin sons) to school so she can go into work. Meghan is working on a data-vaccine for Viral.

The children are being picked up from school by their Aunt Zoë, as Tammy is working with Warrick and JC is in California. Lisa and Kay are in California with JC setting up the Wizards Tower.

Chaos is out of contact since a White World rift in Santa Monica. Alexis Keyes is stated to have retired to full-time teaching, and also possibly killed by Richter, with Ian blaming himself. Lucian The Ape Knight, has been transformed into a Gorilla, by an amateur sorcerer.

The Union of Heroes Headquarters, is by the St. Anne River, and it has a statue of The Descendants. Ephemeral, is a deputy director within the organisation and capable of sending mind-memos.

Metal X II, is coming from England. Metal X, stabbed Tink with a nanite extrusion, which left her in incredible pain, infected with the nanites. After Tink got into Cambridge, Warrick proposed to her but they broke up. The next time they saw each other was at Meghan and Warrick's engagement party and Cyn thought that he might have left with her.

Dr. Perilous, thought dead when Project Tome's Deep Twenty was blown up by Talbot. He's using technology stolen from the Guardians of the Realm, technology designed by Metal X II.

In the Present of 2075:

Warrick wakes up and the memories of his experience are fuzzy. An article in the Scribe proclaims that a Dayspring Freshman has lost an arm in an accident.

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