The Miracles of St Drausinus
Volume 4, Issue 3
Online Copy Descendants 38 - The Miracles of St Drausinus
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The Miracles of St Drausinus is issue 38 in The Descendants, and the third issue in Volume 4, Confluence.


James Richter, former Sineater is praying when he is broken out of jail by The Adriel, who are connected by Doctor Tang, and claim to be above the knowledge of the Sineaters.

Ian and Alexis are in costume and ready to go to the Fireman's Charity Ball for Halloween, but when Laurel tells them that Richter has escaped custody they decide to suit up and go after him, leaving Laurel to supervise the teen's party.

Dr. Tang informs Richter that descendants, created to wage war, are against Gods' will and hands him a gun. He must undertake this mission on his own.

Chaos and Darkness, investigate a fire and Chaos saves a man from it, Tim Mathers, an accountant. He tells them that the men had been looking for an invoice from a French client to a collector in Mayfield.

Mary Northbrooke is interviewing Dexter Deeds at the Fireman's Charity Ball, who shows her the prize of his medieval collection. The armor of Paul Nesmith, which is rumored to have been blessed by St Drausinus himself, and able to make it's wearer invincible. As they head to the ball, Deeds takes them both to the ground when he hears a strange noise.

The Adriel break into the room and demand that Deeds hand over the blessed armor. Chaos and Darkness arrive in time to interupt them. Chaos knocks out, Gospel, throwing him into Richter. Chaos tells him that he is disobey the commandments by stealing and having killed. Richter counters by saying it isn't murder if the victim is an enemy of God, and he attempts to kill Chaos. Chaos tells Dexter Deeds and Mary Northbrooke to leave, but Richter takes Mary hostage, holding a gun to her neck.

Darkness fights Harbonah and Bezek with her black heat. Harbonah, creates and angelic visage and when Darkness injures him the visage flickers, with Darkness recognising their powers as ritual magic. Harbonah calls this blasphemy. Bezek uses his power causing damage and distracting Richter and Chaos.

Deeds uses the opportunity to hit Richter with a Maser, and Chaos follows it up with a Chaos Nova. Chaos declares the Adriel done, and mentions his plans to track down Dr. Tang. Richter reacts badly grabbing Chaos and holding the gun to his head and firing. The gun fails to fire, despite having two unspent bullets and Richter pulling the trigger twice.

After the ball Deeds checks the Nesmith armor case, considering testing it and becoming a prelate, but the case is empty, taken by Manikin.