Volume 3, Issue 12
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Demonology is issue 35 in The Descendants and the twelfth issue in volume 3, A Bright, Bright Summer.


Occult and Codex, prompted by The Book of Reason track down Augustus Roe and try to convince him to train his magical abilities. He refuses, sure he can deny the abilities, despite The Book of Passions appearing in his bag. As he gesticulates he opens a rift between The Material Plane and Faerie, allowing a Daoine bounty hunter and its bonded Flowbeast through.

The flowbeast, Ecksion wants to fight eat the "witches" and the daoine, Aenix lets it try when Codex and Occult tell it they won't let it hunt down its target if it will hurt innocent people. Augustus runs off and Codex follows him. Occult follows the daoine and the flowbeast.

Aenix escapes and reveals it's chasing Darleen Summers and Rehenimaru, they only just managed to escape Codex, and the Ecks, disguises them according the the appearance of Lycanthrope Hunter Z to X, on an anime case.

With Augustus refusing to look at the Book of Passions, Codex falls back onto using the Astral transceivers to find the flowbeast and daoine. She tries again to impress on him the seriousness of him being trained and he refuses again, kicking the book. It opens to a Ritual to Banish Bad Faeries, which the two study.

Aenix, finds Darleen Summers/Rehenimaru walking through an alley and threatens Rehenimaru only to be attacked by some of the Devil Seeded Baboons, from The Breaking Storm. They fight, with Rehenimaru in control of the body, and she puts out one of Ecks' eyes. Eventually Aenix subdues them and he decides to allow Ecksion to hunt Codex and Occult.

They have found the faeries and Codex throws a screamer at them. Occult and Augustus tend to Darleen, calling an ambulance. Augustus draws a circle while Occult fights Aenix and Ecksion. Occult, tends to Darleen trying to keep her alive, forcing Augustus to perform the ritual, send the two back to Faerie.

Augustus refuses again to learn, but Occult gives him a signal key chain like the ones that the descendants at the Liedecker Institute have.