The Liedecker Institute - Freshman Class
Volume 3, Issue 10
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Liedecker Institute - Freshman Class is issue 33 in The Descendants and the tenth issue in volume 3,  A Bright, Bright Summer. It can be considered a precursor to the Liedecker Institute series.


New students to Liedecker Institute arrive on their first day, among them Tammy Kaine, Joy and Arkose.

Vincent Liedecker gives a speech to the class and parents about his hopes for the school, introducing the teachers Laurel Brant, Alexis Keyes and Alice Carroll.

Faith Duvall hacks into the Liedecker network and reveals details about what Kura Akagi can do and and that she has applied to be the computing teacher, on their father's orders.

Zero and Facsimile dressed as Codex and Darkness respectively, as well as Alloy make an appearance, with "Darkness" making a speech about the school's safety.