Strange Times At Dayspring College
Volume 3, Issue 6
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Strange Times At Dayspring College is issue 30 in The Descendants, and the sixth issue in volume 3 A Bright, Bright Summer.


Cyn covers for Warrick, who is getting his sister from New York, at the Dayspring Museum. Augustus Roe comes in and Juniper Taylor recognises him as a regular. He mentions some strange incindents happening on campus.

Warrick covers the secret to Tammy one last time before they meet up with Tink at the Glasgow Scrap Yard where she is close to finished with her flying car, and Warrick uses his power to fix one of the crucial parts surrepitiously.

They all head to the college and Warrick walks Tink to class, the other three decide to explore the campus, investigating the rumors that Auggie told them about. As Warrick returns to the car he is attacked by an invisible person and a girl tells him of the haunting. Warrick lets the other girls, who lucked out in discovering the ghost, know what happened.

They call in Occult who says if it is a real ghost it will be very visible on the Astral Plane. They go into the library which appears to be the source of the disturbance. Augustus is manning the library desk, reading an out of print book. They quickly realise it is a magical book when only Augustus sees it in English.

Occult arrives and tells them that the book is The Book of Passion. A bunch of "dust bunnies" slam into the library. The book's prescense amping them up. The book refuses to allow Occult to take it, pressing further into Augustus' arms.

Facsimile flies Augustus off to safety. Alloy and Zero improvises costumes and help Ephemeral and Occult fight the dust bunnies. Tammy is told to stay put.

Occult performs a ritual, opening a gate to the Astral, where the  manifestations will disipate. Something goes wrong and Facsimile berates Augustus for being the cause and flies off to help leaving him alone.

A stranger approaches him and asks if he wants to learn about the book.