Ace Agenda
Volume 2, Issue 2
Online Copy Descendants 26 - Ace Agenda
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Descendants 25 - Summer Session
Descendants 27 - Beyond Good and Medieval

Ace Agenda is issue 26 in The Descendants, and the second issue in volume 3, A Bright, Bright Summer.


This issue occurs during the events of Descendants 25 - Summer Session.

Alloy, Facsimile and Zero fight Dr. Perilous who is, planning to make an attack on City Hall. The Dr reveals his plans and they escape his trap. Perilous runs for the door but Chaos stops him.

Juniper, Adel and Warrick, Tink have a double date planned and Cyn feels out of sorts on her own. Leonardo, Aces High's robot is surveilling her and listens in on her call with Kay.

At the mall later that day, Kay and Cyn are attacked by a man who attempts to kidnap Kay. Kay grabs a talisman from her handbag and breaks it. The stranger incapacitates Cyn with electricity and and takes Kay. The man is revealed to be an android.

Facsimile flies after Leo but he drops her at a Lab and leaves. Facsimile attempts to sneak in and take Kay, but the lab is full of Inugami trained to attack people with the descendant theta brainwave, so she charges in.

Fellgaze, Shine, Thunderhead and Brother Wright come in, with Wright in a garish card themed costume. Facsimile gets to Kay and Occult arrives outside, Casting spells and uses magically feathered wings to fly in. Ephemeral also helps, making the facility's soldiers realise what they are doing. Thunderhead is annoyed at his interference. Occult reveals her identity to Cyn and Kareem after they escape with Kay. Cyn calls in General Pratt and the ROCIC.

Aces High stole a variation on Lester Mendel's Become More technology, a resequencer, which the plan to combine with Potentia.

Simon Talbot is informed by the Project Tome board and Thomas Cross tells him that their tranfser documents weren't deleted from the facility and now The Descendants will know.

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