Summer Session
Volume 3, Issue 1
Online Copy Descendants 25 - Summer Session
Issue Guide
Descendants Annual 2
Descendants 26 - Ace Agenda

Summer Session, is issue 25 in The Descendants, and the first issue in volume 3, A Bright, Bright Summer.


Laurel, lets the team know about the list ROCIC sent her. It is unclear if Project Tome is behind it, but it is a wishlist of descendants for someone. Olivia White, has already been kidnapped from her home.

The real problem is that there is nowhere to send Descendants even if they rescue them from Project Tome. None of the organizations who have applied to start schools for Descendants have been trustworthy and they don't know enough about the Brunswick School to trust it yet. Laurel and Alexis leave on a sub-orbital shot for England.

Vorpal visits Mr. Voice in France, at his new school. After Annette St. John has a tantrum, Vorpal dresses her down and then goes on with her vacation.

After the visit to the Brunswick school turns into a dead end, Alexis gives Laurel the idea to start a school of their own. Laurel decides to approach Mayfield's top philanthropist, Vincent Liedecker.

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