June 18 (Post Modern Prometheus)
Volume 2, Issue 13
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June 18 (Post Modern Prometheus) is issue 23 of The Descendants, and the thirteenth issue of volume 2, Magic and Machines.

Plot SummaryEdit

Juniper, Cynthia, Melissa and Warrick train with their powers under Alexis's guidance.

Fellgaze disguised as James Henson breaks into AI Solutions Unlimited allowing Thunderhead to steal the AI they've developed for Aces High.

Ian asks Alexis to come home with him this weekend.

Legion of One and Shine break into the National Institute of Health, Legion confronting the guards, including Haze and Shine using the Potentia to disguise herself as Dr. Chow, stealing a dermal replicator.

Ian and Alexis take part in the Smythe family celebrating Ian's mother, Krista's life. At the graveyard where Krista is buried, Isaac shows Ian a trick that creates fireballs.

Robin Atan at Lab 2700 meets with Brother Wright, at his behest she's used the AI and dermal replicator to create a robot. The robot is designated Leo.