The Breaking Storm
Volume 2, Issue 11
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Descendants 21 - Come the Black Clouds
A Magitech Crisis - Epilogue

The Breaking Storm is issue 22 in The Descendants, and the elevnth issue in volume 2, Magic and Machines. It is the second part in the A Magitech Crisis arc.


Chaos, Darkness, Occult and Vorpal share news and decide to deal with the demons after Morganna.

Zero, Facsimile and Codex are aided against the Devil Seeded baboons by Lucien the Ape Knight. They hit Rehenimaru with one of Codex's shriekers, she's struggling with controlling the baboons. They ask if beating Morganna will make her fix the baboons and rush back to the ConquesTech Building Campus.

Vincent Liedecker and Colos fight, Liedecker having the upperhand still, eventually throwing them both out his office window. The two realise they are both mad at Morganna, and Liedecker tells him they can sort out a deal.

Alloy and Chaos tell Occult that Morganna has Lisa Ortega captive. Occult investigates. Samael interprets his orders as permission to slaughter everyone present, including Vorpal. They fight Samael and try to get him. Chaos and Occult try to save Lisa but discover that one of the Motes, Manikin has simply taken her form.

The full team reconvene and fight giant glass dragons that have been summoned. The demons decide to ally temporarily with the Descendants. Vorpal takes out Samael. Codex discovers a spell in the newly translated, digital version of  The Book of Reason. Alloy destroys a glass dragon using a lithium bomb.

Occult enters Morganna's magic circle, believing the reason Morganna wants her is that Tatiana is influencing her. Lisa attacks Morganna, knocking her out with her staff and manages to stop the spell. It still affects the world in someway.