Come the Black Clouds
Volume 2, Issue 10
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Come the Black Clouds is issue 21 in The Descendants, and the tenth issue in volume 2, Magic and Machines. It is part one in the A Magitech Crisis arc.


Morgana, Manikin and three demons cross back from Faerie, sending the ConquesTech antenna into Faerie. The demons possess some maintenaince workers, Darleen Summers, Gary Richards and Wesley McQueen. Morganna now has the Staff of Hyrilius.

Charlotte, calls Vincent Liedecker and tells him, Calvin Singer went into a coma-like state, several devices that Lidecker, had comissioned started harmonizing and ConquesTech's data network crashed. Liedecker orders Samael sent out to find the source of the failure, and leave no one alive. He also calls for Vorpal to come meet him.

Freeland House is woken by Kareem screaming as he is pushed back into his body.

The demon in Wesley McQueen, Edenkai, heads out to find a new host ordering Richards' demon, Aberak not to report it. Darleen Summers' demon, Rehenimaru interrogates a man and asks where humans keep their animals, and is directed to Baboons at the zoo.

Laurel suspects that something from Faerie has crossed into the Material Plane back based on the Astral. She pinpoints several signatures of demons, including one at Lisa Ortega's home. Codex rings Occult and tells her about the demons, warning her that they're after her.

Rehenimaru plants Devil Seeds inside Baboons at the zoo. Zero and Facsimile are headed there on Codex's instructions.

Samael attacks, Aberak, Manikin and Morganna taking out the structure on the building, but failing to kill any of them. Alloy and Chaos arrive and intervene, Samael hits Warrick with one of his feather shots, giving him a mortal wound.

Colos attacks Liedecker's office but is unable to get in. Liedecker invites him in and fights with him. He offers him weapons for compensation and they deal.

Hope tries to heal alloy but is unable to focus. Vorpal accuses her of being a murderer and helping men who deserve to die but not Alloy. Hope manages to heal Alloy.

Facsimile goes up against the demonic baboons and is thrown into traffic.

Darkness and Occult meet up outside the Ortega's home, after Occult is attacked by Edenkai, who wants her to be her host. They discover from Morganna's Motes that Morganna is alive and back. She's planning to use demon magic to seal all psionic abilites. And the first phase has already started: Come the Black Clouds