The Irrepressible Spark
Volume 2, Issue 8
Online Copy Descendants 20 - The Irrepressible Spark
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Descendants 19 - All Girls Want Bad Boys
Descendants Special 2 - Promenade

The Irrepressible Spark is issue 20 in The Descendants, and the eight issue in Volume 2, Magic and Machines.


Jules Chenney is stopped by an unknown descendant after robbing a watch store.

Vorpal chats with Mr. Voice, someone who knows her well. He tells he of the incursion of a mysterious player in New York and Atlanta as well as Mayfield. The Descendants are going to check out if Aces High's Johnny Qin is connected to Eduardo Vorran.

Thunderhead is both Qin and Vorran, Mayfield and Atlanta are incursions to test Vincent Liedecker's response to new players on his turf.

Alloy and Facsimile, investigate the cellar network that they suspect is Qin's. They find a protomorph and Spark auditioning their psionic talents for him. Warrick starts to freak out, only for The Whitecoat to stop him. She's been beating up criminals and leaving business cards with "THIS BADDIE CAPTURED BY THE IRREPRESSIBLE SPARK" on them. The protomorph spots them and attacks, calling himself Stampede.

Shine in disguise as a black woman, tells Fellgaze, Spark and Stampede that whoever takes down a prelate makes the cut. Spark is surprised to discover that she's not auditioning for a prelate team and that these are the bad guys. The groups fight, with Shine and Facsimile going at it. Legion of One and Whitecoat go at it, Legion being restricted by the small area. Alloy ties up Stampede using nearby metal. Shine reveals that she has Facsimile's blood and it's how she can shift now.

Vorpal appears and hits Shine. Stampede gets free hits Alloy only to fall over when Zero ices the floor, making him slip and then containing him. As Spark, Facsimile and Vorpal debate over what to do with Shine, Fellgaze blasts Facsimile, Spark and Vorpal with his power. They experience a vision of their worst fear. Alloy, Zero and Whitecoat take out Fellgaze, Legion teleports himself and Shine away.

Tammy gets grounded and Warrick promises to look into schools for psionics.

Brother Wright reveals his plans to collect another member for Aces High, and names the product that shares Cyn's ability as Potentia.

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