All Girls Want Bad Boys
Volume 2, Issue 7
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All Girls Want Bad Boys is issue 19 in The Descendants, and the seventh issue in Volume 2, Magic and Machines. The title is a sarcastic reference to events in the issue and Landon Porter has said he regrets the impression the title gives.


Kay, Juniper and Lisa are setting up for their latest gig as Snackrifice, only to notice Adel is late. Tink shows up and asks if they've seen Warrick. Cyn notes that they're acting out of character and that Adel, Warrick and JC all went out together. Tink note that Warrick "kissed"[1] her and it was odd behavior.

The boys arrive, continuing to act out of character, dressed and talking in odd ways. Cyn, calling Warrick Kcirraw the Pretender, insists the girls have to follow them. They take her new car.

Thunderhead, going by the name Eduardo Vorran, is controlling teenagers in Mayfield, New York and Atlanta, he tells an associate that he has the ability to make the brainwashing permanent in normals, and with a couple extra weeks, psionics too.

A group of teenage boys arrive at the same place, all confused about why they are there. Cyn and the girls watch, as Vorran controls the boys and try to plan a way to stop it. Lisa sneezes giving them away and Vorran tells the boys to kill them. The girls escape in Cyn's car and attempt to come up with a plan. Kay plans to make a hairspray flamethrower and Tink has her taser. The girls start climbing a metal crane and Cyn is unable to dissuade the others from the plan without revealing Warrick's secret.

Alloy shows up, only to reveal he is under Vorran's control. Cyn and Juniper distract Evil!Alloy while Tink works on her plan; Kay and Lisa take out an crane under Martin Hill's control. Evil!Alloy tells Isp and Osp to kill Cyn but they wrap him up instead, aware he's attacking odd. Tink uses Kay's camera and her taser's batteries to blind Vorran, waking the boys up.

Vorran escapes capture, rescued by Shine.


  1. She describes it as "the kind of thing you don’t want any guy ever doing."