A Tale of Two Churches
Volume 2, Issue 6
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A Tale of Two Churches is issue 18 in The Descendants, and the sixth issue in Volume 2, Magic and Machines. It is the conclusion to The Devil Came Down To Mayfield arc.


Ian visits St. Drausinus Church looking for comfort in the wake of The Mauler's actions and Reverend Stiles' resultant psionic fearmongering.

Chaos inspects the Mauler's latest crime scene. He spots a piece of paper with printed Japanese characters, it reminds him of a weapon from one of Zero's anime's. The paper shocks him and knocks him out.

Vincent Liedecker takes Vorpal to the 'Think Tank', and shows her some new Orihalcite weapons and armor they're working on. She tells Liedecker she's planning to go to Reverend Stiles' rally to keep and eye on him.

Laurel tells Alexis what her computer has connected to the Mauler's victims, similar victims from high profile cases. Alexis tries Ian's phone but his phone is gone, so they call the team in.

Stiles showboats on television calling for psionic regulation. Professor Zorbaugh uses statistics to try and discredit him but Stiles is more media savvy. Chaos asks for the television to be turned off only to realise he isn't at home. Chaos is with the Sineaters, he was shocked by an undischarged O-fuda. They want to kill the Mauler's host to destroy the demon but Chaos won't have it.

Chaos calls Darkness and tell her about his experience, realising mid-conversation that the Mauler must be Stiles. The Sineaters listen in and prepare to kill Stiles.

Lisa overhears Dr. Tang telling Richter to check that Occult isn't just a descendant and to kill her if she is a witch.

Aaron Crawford, Stiles' second in command that Stiles hopes to be killed, as it would make him a martyr. The Descendants blend into the crowd to watch for the Sineaters and wait for Stiles' arrival. Vorpal arrives and she questions Facsimile on why they're helping. Lisa and Kay prepare to help capture the demon hunters, also in the crowd.

At the end of the speech Aaron Crawford transforms and attacks, intending to make him a martyr. Occult transforms the team and they fight the Mauler and the Sineaters. Ephemeral traps the Mauler using the Astral, and the demon leaves Crawford, but Richter shoots him regardless. Hope is able to heal him.

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