Description Icon worn on the Belt of the Descendants
Effects Transforms user into alternate clothing/glamour, grants access to the Mirror Portals.
Source Occult

The Belt Icons, more commonly referred to as D-icons are magical items created by Occult for the The Descendants (Team).

The Belt Icons the Descendants use are in the shape of D's and thus (D-icons) on their belts while in costume.

Outside of costume, they are covered by glamours that make them appear as not just belt buckles, but brooches, necklaces and keychains.


The D-icons have evolved in capacity since their introduction. Initially, they were used as anchors for a quick-change spell that replaces the user's clothing with a stored costume or alternate set of clothes.

Later, they are linked as key artifacts used to activate the Mirror Portals. Their magical properties are activated by using Key Phrases.

Even later, they are shown to contain a chip with an encryption key used to access the LSI Headquarters, meaning they are techniclaly magitech.

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