Cynthia McAllister
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born December 12, 2056
Residence Freeland House
Costumed Activities
Alias Facsimile
Abilities Consumate Shapeshifting
Affiliation The Descendants
Family Information
Boyfriend Ollie
Parents Sean McAllister (Biological Father)
Cheryl McAllister (Biological Mother)
Sibling(s) Lee McAllister (Brother)
Robert McAllister (Brother)
Liz McAllister (Sister-In-Law)
Other(s) Laurel Brant (Adopted Mother)
Professional Information
Profession Student
First Appearance Descendants 0 - From There To Here
Last Appearance Descendants 80 - Bitter Work

Cynthia McAllister, known as Cyn is descendant who was imprisoned by the Psionic Training and Application Academy in a stasis cell for two years.

Born an albino, Cyn was abused by her father and her brothers something which only increased when her ability to shapeshift manifested as it increased her need for food and made eliectric shocks incredibly painful to her, something they took advantage of.

Cyn is brash and loud but incredibly loyal to her "family" from Freeland House, she eventually asked Laurel Brant her surrogate mother to adopt her.

Cyn is a best friend of Warrick Kaine and they were the first two to take on prelate activities, Cyn taking the guise of a golden winged bird and the name Facsimile.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cyn is a consummate shapeshifter, having complete control over her biology. This allows her to not only mimic others, but to form entirely new guises, grow claws, wings, or armor, and stretch or strengthen her own limbs.

Because of this Cyn’s metabolism works overtime, requiring her to eat six times that of a normal human female her size and more if she uses her power extensively. If she ignores this need for too long, her skin will break down and metabolize any organic material it touches. Further, her highly efficient cellular makeup makes her extremely vulnerable to electric shock, which causes her to lose control of her powers.