Arjun Ravi
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 2020's
Residence Whereabouts Unknown
Costumed Activities
Abilities Telekinesis
Affiliation Project Tome
Family Information
Professional Information
Profession Unemployed
First Appearance Descendants 50 - Operation: All In
Last Appearance Descendants 50 - Operation: All In
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This article contains plot details about very recent issues of The Descendants and should be avoided by those not up to date. Date of Issue: June, 2011

Arjun Ravi was the first publicly known descendant. On June 5th, 2047 in New Dehli he killed seven hundred people with his powers and was only stopped when he grew too tired to deflect the bullets of the police.

Prior to this people who claimed to have abilities were ignored or believed crazed, after they were feared in many places.

Braddock IslandEdit

Unlike popular knowledge he was not killed on June 5, 2047 but captured. In Descendants #50 he was revealed to have been imprisoned in solitary confinement at Braddock Island. He revealed that the counter-measures had been too weak to keep him imprisoned for some time and that his motivation for the events in New Dehli were not the publicly assumed "tired of being ignored" but something to do with the previous Project Tome leader.

Because Braddock Island's countermeasures were not effective against him, he willing remained imprisoned there for much time.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Arjun is a very powerful telekinetic capable of stopping multiple bullets for 24 hours.