Anton Paralus
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Costumed Activities
Alias Dr. Perilous
Abilities None
Family Information
Professional Information
First Appearance Descendants 26 - Ace Agenda
Last Appearance Sophomore Year 10 - Gnome and Goo Part 4

Dr. Anton Paralus is a Biology, PhD with a robotics bachelor. Paralus is a mad scientist.

He first appeared in Ace Agenda where he was easily defeated by The Descendants. He gained the name Dr. Perilous when Facsimile mistook his name.

He appeared in the alternate future of Descendants 2095, as a thought dead, but still alive villain. He stole tech from Christina Carlyle.

He has recently appeared in the Liedecker Institute series in Gnome and Goo Part 4, where he has built a robot he plans to use to get revenge on The Descendants.