Alexis Keyes
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Residence Freeland House, Mayfield, Virginia
Costumed Activities
Alias Darkness
Abilities Black Heat
Affiliation The Descendants
Family Information
Fiance Ian Smythe
Parents Anita Keyes
Alejandro Keyes
Grandparents Carla Maximoff (Maternal Grandmother)
Sibling(s) Nicole Keyes (Sister)
Victoria Keyes (Sister)
Kylie Keyes (Sister)
Lydia Keyes (Sister)
Professional Information
Profession Power and Control Instructor
Workplace Liedecker Institute
First Appearance Descendants 0 - From There To Here
Last Appearance Descendants Special 7 - The Curtain Rises

Alexis Keyes is a former teacher at the Academy. She left when she discovered that the Academy had been imprisoning students in stasis cells.

Faced with the truth of who she was working for, Alexis went to her old friends from the Academy, Ian Smythe and Laurel Brant, unwittingly leading the Enforcer Prometheus to Ian's home.

After a short battle, Ian's home as burned by Prometheus and the friends plotted to break into the stasis facility on the Academy campus. There, the found four young descendants including Melissa Forrester who was her roommate in her freshman year of high school, Warrick, Cyn and Kareem

With the kids in tow, they escaped to Virginia taking refuge at Freeland House.

She took on the duties of training the Freeland House teens with their abilities, being very talented at training descendants with their abilities. Despite being initially against prelate activities, she was later convinced and announced her Team's name (The Descendants) to the media in Here and Now.

In her civilian identity Alexis publicly campaigns for descendants rights, starting the advocacy group Descendant's Rights Worldwide with Laurel Brant and starting a school for descendants in Mayfield, the Liedecker Institute where she teaches. Alexis also began dating and later became engaged to Ian Smythe.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alexis can generate particulate matter which generate heat. She is able to enshroud herself in "black heat" particles and fly. By enshrouding other objects or people, she can drastically reduce their weight. She is able to shoot bolts the same matter and use it to turn herself invisible at the cost of making herself blind.

Little is known about her abilities as their are scientifically unclear and all she knows about them she has discovered herself.