Alan Roschard
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Costumed Activities
Alias Whitecoat
Abilities Super Immune System and Increased Healing, Super Strength
Affiliation Damascus
Family Information
Girlfriend Janine Kazhdan
Professional Information
Profession Professor
Workplace Whitman-Connors University
First Appearance Descendants 14 - Standing With Titans
Last Appearance Descendants 76 - Silicone Soul, Adamantine Will

Alan Roschard was a student at Whitman-Connors University, working with Professor Caldwell on a revolutionary nanite project.

Prof. Caldwell had a deal with the Hip Sing Tong to exchange the nanites (Type VII) for funding to continue his research. Having second thought's Caldwell tried to destroy the nanites only to be interuppted by the Tongs. Caldwell was killed and Alan was shot through a beaker of the nanites. His super immune system gave the nanites orders to make him stronger and tougher.

Alan began patrolling Brooklyn, trying to get all the nanites from the Tongs wearing a cheap coat. The coat, white gave him his prelate namesake.

Warrick Kaine as Damascus, prior to going to the Academy attempted to be his sidekick. After he destroyed important evidence, Alan took him to his parents and told them what he had been doing. Alan has worked with Alloy since and has been more welcoming to him.

Six months prior to Descendants 0 - From There To Here, in Who Is... The Whitecoat?, his girlfriend of a year found him in his apartment in costume. He revealed his identity to her and they were still dating as of Descendants 42 - Metal X.

Alan has also appeared in two miniseries The Whitecoat and The Second String and The Whitecoat: Networked.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Born with the descendant ability of a super immune system.

After being shot with a bullet covered with type VII nanites, only his descendant power saved him, ordering the nanites to heal him, it also increased his strength and healing factor.

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